Morgan (theladymorgan) wrote in icontalking,

Merlin Icon Battle - Signups!
Hi there!  I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am!  As with some of the prior battles, the first 15 people who sign up also get to pick one of the characters we will be iconing.  After that you are still welcome to sign up!

Sign-ups will close a on March 22nd at midnight EDT March 28 at midnight EDT.*
*If neither of the two battles currently ongoing are finished at that point, signups will be extended until one of them is finished and the entry post goes up.  (Until the entry post is up, feel free to sign up!)

Username Character
theladymorgan Morgana
gallicka Merlin
footballlover10 Arthur
lover_of_narnia Guinevere
tiptoetwirl Gwaine
adsullatta Lancelot
julie_izumi Mordred
kitty_fic Mithian
tarienemrys Morgause
matchboximpala Percival
ofthesea Leon
luminousdaze Gaius
andiwould Uther

It would be awesome if some of you would help spread the word!

Tags: icon battle, icon battle: merlin
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