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Icontalking Awards 2015 - Nominations

The time has come to start nominating! Please make sure you read the rules first so that we can include your nominations in the voting :)

- You may nominate up to 10 icons, or up to 5 users/comms, for each award.
- You may not nominate yourself or your own icons, or ask people to nominate you. (Promoting the awards doesn't count as asking people to nominate you though, hint hint ;P)
- Do not hotlink icons! Save them and upload them to your own image host.
- When nominating icons, include the maker's username with the nominations.
- Icons must have been first posted between 1st January 2015 and 31st December 2015 to be eligible for nomination.
- Makers and comms must have been active between between 1st January 2015 and 31st December 2015 to be eligible for nomination.
- Submit your nominations in a comment to the relevant thread. Nomination threads can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page, or by clicking the Awards titles below. Please make sure your nomination comment is in the right thread or we will ask you to resubmit it.
- If more than 40 icons or 20 makers/comms are nominated for an award, only the 40 icons or 20 makers/comms with the most nominations will be included in the voting.

Any questions/comments? Ask them here!

Below you have a list of all the awards, plus a brief description of the award, and some example icons. These icons were from pre-2015 and are therefore not eligible to be nominated here, they are just there as examples of each award criteria. Where possible, the winners from the IAM 2014 Awards were used as examples.

Maker Awards:
Best Overall Maker
Nominate someone who you think is the best active icon-maker overall.

Most Inventive Maker
Nominate someone who constantly pushes the icon-making boundary with their creativity.

Most Improved Maker
Nominate someone who has improved their skills greatly over the course of the nomination period.

Best Newbie
Nominate someone who was new to icon-making this year, and has really impressed you already. (Note: renamed accounts and returning makers do not count - this is for people who began making icons entirely during the nomination period.)

Best Texture-Maker
Nominate someone who makes consistently great textures for the icon community.

Contribution to the Community
Nominate someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the icon community - through frequent participation, encouragement, moderating, or anything else you can think of. This award encompasses and replaces the 'Most Supportive Maker' award. Nominees do not have to be active makers so long as they actively contribute to the icon community in other ways (e.g. commenting, modding, praise posts, etc.)

Comm & Mod Awards:
Best Icon Challenge Comm
Nominate an icon challenge community (20in20, stills, LIMS, rumble, etc.) that you think sets the bar for other icontests.

Best Solo Mod
Nominate a mod who operates alone as the sole mod of an icontest comm.

Best Mod Team
Nominate a team of moderators who run an icontest comm.

Icon Awards:
Best Vibrant Icon
Nominate an icon with exceptional use of vibrant colors.

neatmonster | emiels | absolutelybatty | nyaza | mm3butterfly

Best Muted Icon
Nominate an icon with exceptional use of muted colors.

neatmonster | starkwars | dixon | bangel_4e | wickdshy | absolutelybatty

Best Black & White / Greyscale Icon
Nominate an icon with exceptional use of black and white (or greyscale).

naive_astronaut | dashberlin | spankulert | naive_astronaut

Best Close Crop Icon
Nominate an icon with an exceptional use of close crop.

spankulert | absolutelybatty | naginis

Best Negative Space Icon
Nominate an icon with exceptional use of negative space.

pamkips | neatmonster | vrncamrs

Best Complex Icon
Nominate an icon with an exceptional display of complexity.

pamkips | nightbulbs | absolutelybatty | pamkips | second_love

Best Minimalist Icon
Nominate an icon with exceptional use of minimalism.

nadya149 | latemorningicon | marcasite | daynawashere

Best Text in an Icon
Nominate an icon with exceptional use of text.

absolutelybatty | fouroux | second_love | naive_astronaut | poisonfield | second_love

Best Lighting in an Icon
Nominate an icon with exceptional display of lighting.

neatmonster | naive_astronaut | jsfunction

Best Use of Stock in an Icon
Nominate an icon with exceptional use of stock images.

hitsuga | watchpoint | poisonfield | superjesster

Best Animated Icon
Nominate an exceptional animated icon. (Note - this means animated as in .gif, not animated as in anime/cartoon/etc., although you are more than welcome to nominate one of those if it also fits the .gif criteria!)

burntheflaws | lemonzter | nyaza | vintagic

Most Creative Icon
Nominate an icon that you think is particularly creative. (Note: creative does not necessarily mean complex!)

neatmonster | naive_astronaut | absolutelybatty | poisonfield

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